ASAMPSA2 Project

ASAMPSA2 partners
France: IRSN, CEA, AREVA NP SAS • Germany: GRS, VGB, AREVA NP GMBH • Belgium: TRACTEBEL • Spain: IBERINCO • Finland: VTT, FORTUM, STUK • Hungary: NUBIKI • Italy: RSE SpA, ENEA • Netherlands: NRG • Czech Republic : UJV • United Kingdom: AMEC NNC Ltd • Sweden: FKA, SCANPOWER • Switzerland: PSI, Cazzoli Consulting
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NPP : Nuclear Power Plant

PWR : Pressurised Water Reactor

BWR : Boiling water reactor

PSA : Probabilistic Safety Assessment

  • Level 1 PSA identifies the sequences of events that can lead to core damage, estimates the core damage frequency (CDF), and provides insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the safety-related systems and procedures provided to prevent core damage.
  • Level 2 PSA analyses accident phenomena, system behaviour and procedures after core damage and identifies ways in which radioactive could release from the plant; this analysis provides magnitude and frequency of releases and additional insights into the relative importance of accident prevention and mitigation measures and the physical barriers to release of radioactive material to the environment (for example, a containment building).
  • Level 3 PSA, for the accident sequences that lead to a release of radioactivity to the environment, estimates public health and other societal risks such as the contamination of land or food.

CET : Containment Event Tree

APET : Accident Progression Event Tree

RC : Release Category

LERF : Large Early Release Frequency