ASAMPSA2 Project

ASAMPSA2 partners
France: IRSN, CEA, AREVA NP SAS • Germany: GRS, VGB, AREVA NP GMBH • Belgium: TRACTEBEL • Spain: IBERINCO • Finland: VTT, FORTUM, STUK • Hungary: NUBIKI • Italy: RSE SpA, ENEA • Netherlands: NRG • Czech Republic : UJV • United Kingdom: AMEC NNC Ltd • Sweden: FKA, SCANPOWER • Switzerland: PSI, Cazzoli Consulting
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Structure Diagram

The decision-making in the ASAMPSA2 project relied on three organisational structures:

  • the Consortium (1 representative/Partner) which agreed on and signed a Consortium Agreement and before the Contract started and was the ultimate decision-making body for this Project each time the Project Management Group (PMG) or the coordinator actions could have endangered the fulfilment of the consortium agreement;
  • the PMG was in charge of the day-to-day management of the Project. It regrouped the main actors of Project management, the WP Leaders, including the coordinator, and the Leader of the management support when necessary;
  • the Coordinator was in charge of the general management of the project and took part as well in the PMG.

For the technical issues and for the achievement of the objectives of the project, the main advantages of the proposed organizationwere:

  • a clear connection with End-Users assured by one specific working group (WP1) ;
  • three technical working group in charge of a consistent package (a solution with separated WP for each level 2 PSA topic has been voluntary given up because the coordination would be too complex);
  • the simplicity in terms of coordination.

This organization gave the project participants the opportunity to contact many End –Users with no limitations in terms of number (no funding for End-users outside the project is asked to the Commission). The participants to WP 2 and 3 were L2 PSA/severe accident specialists only.